Hi everyone!

I’m back! Yaeaah! Exactly. Not like somebody cares but anyway, I’m back and better than ever :D.

Why I haven’t been active? Well, that’s a long story but, we got a lot of time, but honestly I’m lazy to explain it completly, so the short version is that I had really greatly terrible lack of motivation and inspiration. The good thing is that tI kinda figured out a lot of stuff during that time.

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How (not) to fit in

If there is something I know, then it is being the different one. The one that just doesn’t fit in, doesn’t belong anywhere. And I learn to be happy and actually enjoy life as the different one.

Have you ever feel like you do not fit in anywhere? Maybe at school or even at home? They laugh at things you don’t find funny, they talk about topics that either you find stupid or you just have nothing to say.. You are the weirdo cause you like to stay at home on Friday night reading a book. Because you care about planing your future and about your mental growth more than about parties. You like different things, you dress differently…… Oh dear, I know. And I want you to know that it is OK, to be this way and to feel this way and that you are not the only one!odlišnost 2

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